In addition to offering an exceptional stay, the bioma eco lodge is also dedicated in educating guests about the importance of conserving the amazon rainforest. experienced local guides lead trails through the forest, sharing knowledge about biodiversity and the challenges faced in protecting this vital ecosystem.

Guestss at the lodge will have the unique opportunity to not only experience the beauty of the amazon rainforest but also to actively contribute to its preservation. part of the revenue generated by the accommodation will be allocated in bioma tokens, wich finances conservation projects, creating a virtuous cycle of sustainability.

In a unique location in the middle of the Amazon Forest and surrounded by Rio Negro, one of the largest freshwater rivers in the world, which irrigates three countries from South America, BiomaEco Lodge arrives to contribute positively with environmental well-being, biological diversity, society and the culture and global economy.

Services will be offered such a transportation, hosting, food and specially activities that allow the integration of tourists with the environment, communities, animals and forest medicines. Committed to environmental responsibility, Bioma Eco Lodge actively works to achieve neutrality Of carbon. Investments in carbon offsetting projects, such as reforestation and renewable energy, are fundamental to minimizing environmental impact.

inspiring change

Bioma Eco Lodge Is Not Just A Destination, It’s A Living Example Of How Tourism Can Be A Force For Good. By Demonstrating The Tangible Benefits Of Sustainable Tourism, The Lodge Inspires Other Initiatives And Travelers To Make Choices That Benefit The Environment And Local Communities.


Preservation is the new Gold.

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