Bioma NFT Experience

The NFT Experience At Bioma Eco Lodge Is A Revolutionary Innovation That Goes Beyond A Simple Visit – It Creates A Tangible And Lasting Link Between Visitors And The Preservation Of The Amazon Rainforest. Each Guest Will Have The Opportunity To Plant A Tree, Leaving A Personal And Positive Mark On The Ecosystem, All Recorded On The Blockchain Through An Exclusive NFT.

contributing with the future

The NFT Experience Allows Each Visitor To Contribute To The Growth And Regeneration Of The Amazon Rainforest By Planting A Tree In Their Name. This not only symbolizes a tangible commitment to conservation, but also represents an ecological legacy that will last for generations

nft as a proof of commitment

Each Tree Planted Will Be Recorded On The Blockchain As A Unique NFT, Authenticating Each Guest’s Contribution To Sustainability. This NFT will be concrete and digital proof of your commitment to preserving the forest, providing a personal and lasting connection with the ecosystem.

watch it grow older

Over Time, Guests Can Track Their Tree’s Growth and Development Through Visual Updates and Monitoring Information. This Creates An Emotional And Educational Bond As They Witness The Positive Impact Of Their Contribution

Share its history

Visitors will be able to share their experiences on social media, using their NFTs as an unique way to tell the story of their involvement in the preservation of the amazon rainforest and inspiring others to join in.


Preservation is the new Gold.

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